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Lead an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle with These Tips to Keeping Your Apartment Cool Without the A/C

Let’s face it: most of us have you been frequenting our apartment homes more often, whether we’re now working from home or just consider ourselves to be homebodies these days. My, how things change! If this is you, here are three tips to help you beat the heat, keep your apartment cooler, and save money in the process.

Invest in Window Treatments

When you’re trying to save money on your electricity bill, one of the easiest is to invest in window treatments. If anything, it will keep the sun from coming through your windows. Try curtains, blinds, and other methods for controlling the amount of natural sunlight coming through your windows.

Update Your Weathering Strips

Like window treatments, replacing bad or worn-out weathering strips on your doors is another great way to keep cool air in your apartment home – and heat during the wintertime. You can easily purchase these items from a local Lowe’s or The Home Depot at a low cost.

Rely on Your Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan, or floor fan, if you’re willing to purchase one, are great tools in helping you cut down your energy costs. This way, you can keep air circulating through your main living spaces and bedroom, without having to rely on central air or an even costlier window unit.

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