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Saving Money Is Easier Than You Might Think – Here Are Some Tips to Get You Started!

The team at Brookstone Park Apartments in Covington, Louisiana finds it important that our residents lead healthy, well-informed lives. By presenting new ideas in our resident blog, we make it easy to stay up-to-date with the latest information on health, wellness, finances, and more.  

Speaking of finances, saving money is always easier said than done. There’s no doubt about it, really! Even though the majority of people know the value behind saving money, many Americans have very little savings – if any at all. But, we have a few tricks up our sleeve that can make saving process less of a headache. Without further ado, here are seven ways to stow away some cash for a rainy day emergency or your next life goal. Better yet, these suggestions do not crush your normal household budget! Take a look at them below.

  1. Use a jar that you keep in plain sight to deposit your change at the end of the day. When it is full, take it to your bank and deposit it into a savings account. Having it visible each day will remind you to drop in your change.
  2. Get rid of excess clutter and make some cash by selling things you don't use on eBay, through a resale app or at a garage sale. Not only will you make money, but you will clean up your living spaces as well. Put this money into your savings account.
  3. Take some time to examine your bills and find ways to reduce them. Shop around for cheaper insurance, telephone and cell phone service. Do what you can to reduce credit card rates.
  4. Consider carpooling to reduce your monthly gas costs.
  5. Make a plan for large purchases. If you know that you need to make a large purchase in the near future, act strategically and set aside enough money each month. That way, you will have the necessary funds to purchase them with cash and won’t have to resort to loans or credit cards.
  6. Similarly, if you know that you will have a large annual or semi-annual expense, like car insurance, property taxes, or holiday spending, start saving for it all year. Simply divide the expense by twelve and save that much each month. By the time the due date rolls around each year, you'll be ready.
  7. Take advantage of the share economy and get paid for offering your services. You can barter everything from computer work to childcare to raking leaves. Anything that you can do around your house or work is something that another person might need. Create a profile on an app like Fiverr and get to work!

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