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Socially Distant Holiday Bucket List Items That You Still Have Time to Experience

After a whirlwind year, you might be surprised to find that we’re officially in the thick of the holiday season – and there simply doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day! Between figuring out how to celebrate the season safely, completing your holiday shopping, and keeping up with other household and career responsibilities, you might worry that the season will slip by without your family being able to indulge in a few of your favorite traditions. But, fear not – there is still plenty of time to check these socially distant-friendly activities off of your holiday bucket list.

Mail a Letter to Santa

Have kids at home? Encourage them to experience the quintessential Christmas activity: writing a letter to Santa! Simply grab your best paper and pencils and address your letters to Santa at the North Pole.

Make a Gift By Hand

Making a gift for someone you love is a wonderful way to get in the holiday spirit! Browse the web for an appealing tutorial and spend an afternoon crafting the perfect gift by hand.

Create a Holiday Playlist

Listening to Christmas tunes and other holiday music is guaranteed to make you feel jolly. So, why not make your own playlist of favorites using Apple Music, Spotify, or a similar service?

Donate a Toy

‘Tis the season to give selflessly – and what better way to do that than by donating a toy to a child in need? Look out for opportunities to give with Toys for Tots or other programs in your area.

Volunteer Your Time

This year, volunteer your time and help spread holiday cheer. Try volunteering at a local food bank, shelter, or other relevant organization. Just be sure to wear a mask and wash your hands frequently!

Watch a Beloved Holiday Movie

What's better than slipping on your coziest PJs and turning on your favorite holiday movie? Luckily, there are tons of seasonal flicks available right now on television and streaming services!

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