10 Alcohol-Free Ways to Unwind

Consuming alcohol is a common way for adults to calm down after a long or particularly stressful day. And, during the coronavirus pandemic, it’s no wonder why so many adults are turning to alcohol to battle stress and anxiety relating to the coronavirus disease and its many ill effects. However, if you’d like to reduce your alcohol consumption, there are many other, healthier ways to unwind that don’t involve a single drop of alcohol. Check out this list of 10 things to try, if you’d like to calm down without booze.

1. Try a puzzle. Puzzles are very popular amidst the pandemic. This is because working to complete a puzzle gives us a sense of calm and control.

2. Meditate. According to a recent study, meditating for just 13 minutes per day can reduce anxiety and boost your mood. Start with 5- or 10-minute meditations and work your way up.

3. Practice deep breathing. If it sounds simple, that’s because it is! Deep breathing, practiced several times daily, helps release tension and center your mind.

4. Keep your eating in check. Alcohol isn’t the only substance we turn to when things get tough – food is another. Eat a balanced diet and your mood will reap the benefits.

5. Exercise. Not a die-hard fitness enthusiast? You’ll be glad to know that even moderate exercise, like a walk in the park or a short bike ride on a beautiful day, will help relieve stress.

6. Enjoy some sunshine. The sun will regulate your sleep cycles – something that often contributes to stress! - while also boosting Vitamin D levels and promoting serotonin generation.

7. Try yoga. If pain and tension are a root cause or byproduct of your stress, try yoga. Stretching your body will help relieve stressed muscles while calming your mind.

8. Mix up a non-alcoholic drink. Sometimes, it’s simply enjoying a boutique beverage that makes happy hour worthwhile. Recreate the effect of your favorite happy hour with a non-alcoholic concoction.

9. Host a dry virtual gathering. If you think Zoom get-togethers are just for virtual happy hours, think again. Try playing games or preparing a meal with friends via Zoom.

10. Turn off your smartphone notifications. Feeling stressed by constant news updates and social media notifications? Turn off your notifications and you’ll likely feel better almost instantly.

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