3 Tips for Dying Your Hair at Home

Trying to avoid the salon during the pandemic? Though many salon professionals are adhering to social distancing guidelines, there is still a certain level of risk associated with visiting your regular salon, as inconvenient as it might be for your quickly fading hair color. For that reason, you might be considering dying your hair at home, which will not only reduce your risk of viral transmission but also save you plenty of cash. Here are a few tips to keep in mind, including what to do if you mess up.

Don’t Make Drastic Changes

While drastically changing your hair color may be tempting, if you’re going the DIY route, you’re better off playing it safe and avoiding big changes. If you’re simply freshening up your natural color or brightening your blonde by a couple of shades, you’re less likely to run into trouble than if you were to bleach your hair at home or go from light red to jet black. A good rule of thumb to remember is to visit a salon professional if you want to lighten or darken your hair color by more than three shades.

Do a Strand Test Beforehand

Just about every at-home dye kit advises you to do a “strand test” before jumping in – or, a quick test of how the dye reacts with your hair. Usually conducted on a half-inch section of hair that’s not usually visible, the strand test will allow you to assess the final product before applying the product to your entire head. So, don’t skip this crucial step, and once your test strip is dry, ask yourself if you like the color, or if the results are stronger or subtler than you intend.

What to Do If You Messed Up

When it comes to DIY hair care, mistakes are inevitable. If the final result of your dye job isn’t what you were expecting, you have a few different options to explore, in order to correct the color.

• Try a color removing product. Products such as Color Oops, which can be found at many major retailers, can strip dye from hair, but it only works if you dyed it a darker color. If this applies to you, feel free to try a color removing product. However, because color removers can be damaging, be sure to use a deep conditioning treatment afterward.

• Use toning shampoo. If your lightened hair is looking too brassy, try using a toning shampoo. Because it’s blue, it counteracts the yellow in your hair to cut the brass and create a brighter, more accurate result.

• Head to the salon. Have you botched your color completely? Your best bet is to have it professionally fixed. Don’t be tempted to recolor your hair – this won't guarantee better results and can even result in severe damage. See pro and achieve a look you know you will love.

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