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An Easy Way to Clean Your Comforter in 5 Steps

Did you know that you are advised to clean your comforter at least twice a year? Because of their large size, many of us may delay that timeframe by months or even years...yet, luckily, there is no reason to avoid washing this crucial bedtime component any longer. Here is a simple method for washing your comforter on your own – no dry cleaner required!

Read the comforter’s tag.

Your comforter should have a tag that will tell you how best to wash your comforter at home. Follow these guidelines exactly for the safest wash possible. However, know that dry cleaning isn’t necessary for most comforters unless yours is a specialty fabric or highly sensitive to traditional washing.

Make sure your machine can accommodate it.

Though you might assume your machines will work, many large or extra puffy comforters are too big for a traditionally sized washer and may even tear your comforter while cleaning. If your comforter feels overstuffed in your machine, take it to a laundromat, where you’ll find a high-capacity appliance.

Wash with a gentle detergent.

Use a small amount of gentle detergent when washing your comforter. You can use gentle versions of traditional detergent or something more specialized if needed. Then, adjust your machine to wash on a gentle or delicate cycle. Don't forget to use cool or warm water – non-extreme temperatures are best.

Rinse your comforter at least twice.

It’s very important that you remove all of the soap potentially left behind after a wash. Why? Allow it to remain, and over time, extra soap will affect the texture and loft of your comforter. Luckily, there’s an easy fix. Simply rinse your comforter at least twice before moving on to the drying stage.

Thoroughly dry on a low setting.

Now that your comforter is washed, all you must do is dry it appropriately. Choose a low-heat setting and keep the comforter inside the machine for multiple cycles, if needed. Fluff the comforter a few times during drying to keep the loft intact. Once completely dry, remove from the machine.

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