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The Best and Worst Drinks for Helping You Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is a simple and effective way to keep your body healthy and running in tip-top condition. However, drinking enough hydrating fluids can be more challenging than some of us care to admit. For a no-nonsense guide to the best and worst drinks, take a look at this list of picks we’ve compiled straight from an experienced nutritionist.

Best Drinks for Hydration


Topping the list of hydrating drinks is a no-brainer: water! On any given day, we lose about eight to 12 cups of water through sweat, breath, and urine. Drinking plenty of water is the best way to stay hydrated and beat dehydration before it sets in.

Sports Drinks

Gatorade, Powerade, and other sports drinks have electrolytes, making them ideal for rehydrating. But, there’s a catch – according to nutritionists, sports drinks are only really helpful after you’ve worked out or done strenuous activity. Otherwise, you’re better off saving cash and going for water instead.

Tea or Coffee

Looking for an energy boost that won’t completely dehydrate you? Try tea or coffee instead of an energy drink. Natural teas and coffee grounds are much easier on your body than artificial or sugar-loaded energy drinks. Plus, they can be diluted with water for even more hydration.

Worst Drinks for Hydration

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks promise to get you up and going, but they’re not as innocuous as they seem. Energy drinks often contain way more caffeine than the recommended daily intake, as well as loads of sugar, sodium, and artificial ingredients.


Reaching for beer, wine or any other alcoholic beverage might be tempting on a hot day, but if you’re hoping to quell your thirst, go for something else. Any alcoholic beverage and especially anything with over 10 percent ABV will be dehydrating.

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