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Save Money and Source Your Own Fitness Equipment with These Suggestions

After the events of 2020, you may be considering how to better take care of yourself after such a stressful and health-crazed year. In addition to watching what you eat and minding your mental health, regular exercise is integral to total wellness – and, contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to have an excess of funds to perfect your home gym. Read on to discover a few budget-friendly ways to source fitness equipment you’ll want to have on-hand for your next YouTube-assisted sweat session.

Substitute Common Household Items for Dumbbells

You don’t have to shell out cash for a set of dumbbells. If you’re in need of beginner-friendly weights, you can use one of many items found around your household. If your weight isn’t heavy enough, consider removing some of the contents and adding sand or gravel.

• Water bottles
• Canned food
• Jarred food
• Water or milk gallons
• Laundry detergent

Create Your Own Kettlebells

Kettlebells are one alternative to dumbbells that you might see in countless YouTube fitness videos. The primary difference between dumbbells and kettlebells is that the latter has handles for both hands to use. You can make your own with a ball and concrete, or you can use one of these household items:

• Laundry detergent jugs
• Milk or water jugs
• Paint cans
• Gas cans
• A backpack filled with sand or heavy objects

Make Ankle Weights in Minutes

Ankle weights are handy for exercising your bottom half, and they make even the simplest movements more challenging for your thighs, calves, and knees. Instead of purchasing ankle weights, you can easily fashion some out of socks and sand. Follow these simple instructions:

• Step 1: Fill a sock with sand until you get it as heavy as you would like them to be.
• Step 2: Lay the sock flat to level the sand. Fold over the sock's opening and duct tape it closed.
• Step 3: Tie each end with one shoelace so you have something to tie around your ankles. Repeat with a second sock to create a pair.

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