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How to Make Deadlines Less Stressful and More Achievable

Deadlines are a regular occurrence in the working world. However, just because we’re used to deadlines, doesn’t mean that they’re enjoyable. In fact, many of us actually dread deadlines. Deadlines can be incredibly stressful for the average employee. How can you overcome this? We’ve got a few ideas! Here are four ways to make deadlines less stressful and more motivating.

Establish smaller deadlines.

When you’re assigned a major project, you might experience stress when thinking about the final due date. If you’d like to stop fixating on the ultimate due date, while knocking out crucial project milestones along the way, try establishing smaller deadlines to carry you to the big day. By doing so, you’ll force yourself to complete segments of work well ahead of the final due date.

Block off time for working.

Can’t seem to find the right time to settle into your work? Decide once and for all to dedicate a certain block of time to the project at-hand – otherwise, you risk getting pulled in many different directions during your workday. Some people experience success by knocking out the most challenging tasks early in the workday while handling less demanding work toward the end.

Get help where possible.

Sometimes, deadlines aren’t just scary – they’re too difficult to accomplish alone. If you’re facing a major challenge and need help, find a way to get it. Perhaps, you can ask a supervisor for a hand. You might even be able to negotiate a delayed due date, should you need more time. Never underestimate the power of reaching out for help!

Reward yourself!

Working tirelessly toward that deadline? Why not go ahead and reward yourself now? Though many of us think we can’t enjoy that celebratory dinner until the project is completed, your motivation is sure to improve, if you treat yourself to something you like after completing each stage of the process.

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