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3 Habits That Will Make Your Sensitive Teeth Way Worse

If you suffer from sensitive teeth, you know what a pain it can be – literally and figuratively! Sensitive teeth often develop over time as a result of enamel wear and/or receding gums, and can occur when dentin – the softer, inner part of the tooth – becomes exposed. This, in turn, results in certain triggers stimulating the nerves, causing sharp pains or tooth sensitivity. Though you should always seek the care of a dentist when dealing with tooth sensitivity, you can help control pain by avoiding a few lifestyle habits, which are outlined below.

Clenching or Grinding Your Teeth

Do you grind or clench your teeth habitually? Perhaps, you realize that you’re a tooth grinder or jaw clencher, or maybe, you do it without realizing it. Either way, biting down on your jaws or grinding your teeth can result in more sensitivity. Other culprits are habits like biting your nails or opening packaging with your teeth cause tooth wear and gum recession and make your sensitive teeth worse.

Eating or Drinking Acidic Foods

Your diet plays a major role in teeth sensitivity. When it comes to sensitive teeth, the worst things you can eat or drink are acidic bites and beverages, which slowly erode the outer layer of our teeth’s enamel. Avoid highly acidic food and drinks like citrus fruits and juices, wine, vinegar and salad dressing, sports drinks, pickles, and even carbonated drinks and tonic water.

Brushing Your Teeth Too Hard or Too Often

Dedication to dental care is important! But, if you’re brushing your teeth too hard or too often, you’re accidentally subjecting your sensitive teeth to unnecessary wear and tear. Going overboard on brushing can also lead to gum recession and enamel wear, which, over time, can exacerbate tooth sensitivity. Stay in the clear by brush for two minutes, twice a day. Be thorough and gentle and don’t overdo it!

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