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How to Juggle Parenting and Your Job

Parenting is in no way an easy task. It is a demanding role as it requires that you look after your children while still being able to have some time for yourself and likewise still grow your career. After all, raising a child needs a paying job to support all your expenses in the household and in the kids’ education.

Full-time parenting is already daunting, so much more when it begins involving an 8-hour shift work. But don’t worry. Life is all about maintaining a balance.

Consider the following to help you get your work done while still meeting your children’s needs.

Plan things ahead

Nothing like being prepared. Having a plan can help you maintain a proper balance between work and parenting. You can start by strategizing how exactly you can divide your time for your priorities. Simply grab a pen and paper, and jot down the tasks ahead. Let your children or partner help out, and make sure that you don’t carry out all the tasks by yourself. This is the best opportunity for you to manage your time while also teaching your kids some life skills that they will carry on to their own families when they grow up.

Shift around your schedule

If you can, allow your work schedule to be flexible enough so that you can meet the needs of your children. Arrange this with your boss or with your team, so they can also be aware of your situation. Giving yourself an allowance in your schedule means being ready in case an emergency comes up, or if you need to pick up your children from school. Hustling is hard work, but it’s also best that you are with your children when they need you. This is also a perfect way, so you can have a breather when work gets tough, and you need a break for yourself. All work is bad for your health and is counterproductive as it could cause you to get burnt out.

Have a separate workspace

If you’re working from home, it is always advised that you keep a separate space or room dedicated solely to your work. This is one of the keys to keeping a life and work balance and is likewise helpful to avoid distractions, especially if your kids are running around and playing.

Find yourself a place where it feels like you’re just working at the office. This can also give you a slight break from your duties as a parent. You can also find a space where you can keep watch of your children at intervals.

Take breaks

Is there really a time for a break when you have so much to do? Of course, there is. Although you may have your hands full all the time with parenting and deadlines, it’s highly suggested that you take breaks and unwind from the busy bee life. Work and deadlines will always pile up, but this doesn’t mean you should be in the constant grind. You need to take care of yourself too.

So be sure to take lunch breaks, spend some carefree time with your kids, and walk around the neighborhood – anything to help you unwind. It may feel as though you’re wasting your time, but once you’re back on the hustle, you’ll realize just how energized and recharged you are.

Look after yourself

While it’s good to be always on the hustle and not let anything pile up too much, it would be a much worse outcome if you get burnt out. This can dampen the quality of your work and vastly affect your relationships. To avoid this, you should do your best to take care of yourself as much as you can. This is just as important as both work and your family.

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